Creating Fabulous With Wooden Doors

Why do wood front doors possess the power to transform an entryway from drab to amazing? Artists, architects, and designers happen to agree that the front door is a precursor of what’s to be revealed inside a structure. It can be imposing, welcoming, unwelcoming, impressive, or boring. What does your front door say?

The Wooden Door

Aside from the thick wooden doors, doors can be made of stainless steel (cold), fiberglass (strange), stone (heavy), plywood (thin), glass, or aluminum (cheap). From the standpoint of history, wooden doors were the doors used for kings and emperors. The oldest wood door to be discovered is from the temple of King Solomon which was made from olive wood. The beauty of thick wood doors is that it can be carved and crafted to a specific design, shade, glaze, or panel configuration. If you’re in the market for home improvement, check out the listings contained on

Common Questions About Installing A Wood Door

The most often asked question about wood doors is its practical use. Since wood can deteriorate especially exposed to natural elements like rain, snow, and harsh sunlight, the wood door can warp, fade in color, or start to erode at certain pressure points.

While it is true that these wood doors are vulnerable and require maintenance, the recommended care is to reapply a fresh coat of paint or varnish every 2 years.

Other questions about wood doors are:

What’s the difference between slab and pre-hung? Slab wood doors are replacement doors and sold without hinges or lockset boring. The pre-hung wooden front doors are used for new houses with rough, unfinished door frames. Since pre-hung can be custom-made, they are more expensive.

What should I worry about most with wood front doors? The exposure to direct sunlight is the most damaging to front doors or any other wood door. The heat causes the clear varnish to become pigmented and eventually fade. Before re-varnishing, the door will have to be sanded down. For painted wood doors, the re-painting can be done every 5 years.

What can I do to protect my front door? If you want to lengthen the pristine look of your wood door, add a covered entryway or mini roof. If you decide that this is possible, make sure that the width of the covered entryway is 1.5 wider than the door. You should also check for pooled rainwater in your wood door and get your contractor to remove any built-up of water or snow at the base of the door.

Is it true that wood doors don’t keep the cold out as well as steel and fiberglass doors? This is only true if there is no weather stripping around the wooden doors.

It’s not safe compared to a fiberglass door, is it? The weak point of a wood door is its latch side jamb so all you need to do is make sure to use a security strike plate as reinforcement against a threatening force. You might also want to instruct your door installer to use 3 inch screws as added security. The door itself is very strong and cannot be easily penetrated unless it is made of thin wood.

Finally, a good thickness to look for in a front wooden door is 1.75 inches because it can still use the standard locksets. If you plan on installing door lights, use hurricane-rated glass which has an inner plastic layer and a high quality lockset.